XTREME SUDS - Automotive/ Marine Shampoo

XTREME SUDS - Automotive/ Marine Shampoo

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Xtreme Suds is a highly dilutable, producing abundant amount of lavish suds. Xtreme Suds leaves your vehicle clean and streak free. Xtreme Suds is perfect for Foam Cannon, Foam Gun and Bucket washing. With it's unique formula it penetrates and delivers a smooth lubrication between the surface of your vehicle and dirt, reducing paint swirls and providing a great shine wash after wash.It will not harm previous waxed or sealed finishes. Rinses freely, leaving a high gloss finish. Biodegradable and Eco - Friendly. Xtreme Suds is ideal for the person looking for that showroom shine.



  • Lavish Suds
  • Streak Free Rinse
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Removes the thickest dirt and mud from any vehicle
  • Bio-degradable and environmentally safe
  • Bubble Gum fragrance car wash shampoo

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