About Us

Xtreme Products was formed from the desire to provide the boating community with products that work great and smell amazing.  For the past 8 years we have created products for personal use on toys with the idea to preserve the wax and clean easy, "Less Grind More Shine".   We believe as a boater we want to spend more time on the water enjoying our 'Life Style' than on the launch ramp cleaning up.

One even while researching equipment to start a silk-screen business we saw a post on social media, the age old question, "what is a good boat cleaner"?  At that moment we knew we had to bring our amazing product to the public.  With the company already in place and the products already formed we set our sights on Packaging and Marketing and that is how Xtreme Products detail maintaining system was formed.  They are products brought to you by boater/ active sports enthusiast for the boat/ active sports enthusiast.

Like we say, "It's Time to Shine"